Clothing Swaps

Look in your closet. How many of those clothes, shoes, & accessories do you actually wear? Now, check out your bathroom drawer/cabinet. If you are like most women, you have a pile of products you bought but didn't end up being quite right for your skin/hair type.  Quit holding on to things that never see the light of day. Gather them all up and bring them down to (or host at your home/business) a clothing swap and trade them for some amazing wears you will actually love. 

What & How do we swap?
At our clothing swaps, we swap more than just clothing. We swap anything wearable (clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, accessories, beauty products, makeup, nail-polish  etc.) and even see things like books, & small housewares. We generally run our swaps very casually in a "put down what you have, and take what you want" style. We also like to incorporate food in the mix by making our events potluck as well.  

Our swaps range from co-ed to ladies only depending on the host location. 

Interested in Hosting a Swap?
We will help you plan & get the word out about the swap. 

You will need to let us know:
-if you want your swap to be co-ed, men or ladies only
-roughly how many people your space can hold
-date(s) and time(s) that works best for you

-If there is any focus you would like the swap to have (large sizes, Summer wear, shoes sizes 7-9 only, etc.)
-If you are willing to be responsible for donating/getting rid of all the excess items after the event or if you will need help with this. 

If you are interested in hosting contact me through email:

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