Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring 2013 Homemade Food Swap

Spring Homemade Food & Product Swap
Have something special you like to whip up in the kitchen? Proud of your homemade soaps? Tired of eating all those jars of the same type of jam you made last fall? Up to your ears in eggs from your backyard chickens?
Come join other diy-ers for an afternoon of Homemade Food & Product Swapping.

This event will cap out at 20 swappers so everyone will be able to meet, sample, & swap in a comfortable, casual environment.

Sunday, April 14th 1-3pm
North Oakland (exact address given after successful registration)

Tickets are $5 each swapper.
This helps me cover some costs for materials and advertising for the event. It also insures people who sign up for a swap spot are serious swappers who will show up the day of the event.

Please remember to make a note in the checkout process of the items you plan on bringing and use an email address I can contact you at if needed. 
Want more info on what to expect at the swap? Check our our "How Food Swaps Work" page.